Having trouble with pests in your home? Call us and we will make an inspection of your house and garden. We will develop a comprehensive protection plan so you don’t have to share your home with unwanted pests.

GG Pest Control provides a complete line of home pest management solutions. Whether you are having trouble with cockroaches, ants or rats we will solve any pest problem for you.

For service and immediate attention: Call 99 03 68 72

GG Pest Control offer safe and effective solutions for all pest. Pests found in Cyprus are: ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, silverfishtermites, woodwormfleas, flies, bedbugs, pigeons, mosquitos, scorpions, flour beetles, wasps, hornets, snakes.

GG Pest Control is based in Limassol, and we work in neighboring areas. We speak Greek, English, Czech and Russian.

Certified by the Department of Agriculture. We follow the current health-, environmental- and agricultural regulations of Cyprus and the European Union

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